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Panda Retail Company is a Saudi Arabian grocery retailing company. Panda is one of The Savola Group’s subsidiaries. The Savola Group is ranked ninth amongst the top 100 companies in the Saudi Arabian market and ranked second amongst the industrial sector after SABIC. The Savola Group has recently listed its Oils and Fats division in the Saudi Stock market under the name Afia International.

An angry former employee said, “Change in the top and middle management is so frequent at Panda Retail Company, lack of long term coalition vision, focus on very short term goals, lots of unnecessary stress, lots of conflicts coming from the fact that roles and responsibilities are not defined between different teams, loads of workload due to lots of vacancies, resignations, firings and slow bureaucratic recruitment process, lots of politics played by top management exploiting CEO trust".


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Courtney B. Kerns says

"Was vary rude!!! manager yelled across the restaurant That I needed to have a mask on. When I said I have a lung problem I can’t wear one, and the manager basically said they didn’t want my business. So I will never be back there to the front royal location!!! Disappointed!!!! And very unprofessional"

Shadé Okanlawon says

"I visited the one off of Pinnicle Drive. I went to the door and asked POLITELY and the lady employee was very RUDE. she was very rushy rushy with us and wouldn’t answer me. The sign says “10 ppl allowed at once”. I tried to go in but she was blocking the door after we tried to order. I usually LOVE panda express, but not this LOCATION. i was treated like a criminal before approaching the door. please be nice to your customers. you just lost 3 orders. sorry not sorry. how DARE you?!"

T says

"Panda Express use to be so much better. I just drove through and ordered a grilled teriyaki chicken bowl with brown rice. I was disappointed - I ended up with grilled chicken, no sauce, and glue-like white rice."

rose dipietro says

"I use to like Panda express. I went to the one on 416 86th st. Brooklyn. I walked in 6:pm. mostly all the food bowls were empty. only scraps from the bottom that were left over instead of keep filling the food. not the first time. the Lomein was hard and dry like it was sitting there. they need to replenish quickly and always have a full bowl does not look appetizing when scraping the scraps from the bottom I will not be going there anymore. especially 5pm or later. its a shame."

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